How to Get a Cheaper Phone Contract

If you want to save a ton of money on your phone bill in the long run, it pays to start from the beginning. This means you need to pick the right phone contract in order to get the most out of it. With literally thousands of phone deals offered in the market, however, how do you ensure that you'll find the cheaper deals? Below are tips and tricks to help you do just that.

Monitor your usage

If you're currently hook to another contract and you're planning to switch to a cheaper plan, you need to go back to your bills to have a more accurate picture of your typical phone service usage per month. It would also help to ask yourself key questions such as whether you need unlimited texts or not. But more importantly, you need to gauge the amount of data you'll need.

Once you have your typical usage figured out, the trick is to find a phone deal that matches your needs to a tee.

Research your options

When it comes to finding the cheaper phone deals, research is the key. Before you sign any dotted line, you need to research the available options in the market. From the type of phone deals to your carrier as well as customer services, you need to arm yourself with knowledge which will come handy during the negotiation process. If you're eyeing a specific handset, find out everything about that phone. Compare prices and phone bundles from different carriers while you're at it. To help you compare you options, head over to Money Super Market at

Call customer service

You may also call customer service for current promotions and incentives offered. If you’re an existing customer who has been paying your bills on time, chances are high your provider will have something for you to retain to further gain your loyalty. If you're a new customer, providers also offer incentives to convince you to choose them over their competitions. The key is to make your inquiries first before signing anything to ensure you'll end up with the cheaper phone deals.

Read the fine print

Other than the advertised prices for the handset and the phone tariff, you'll have to dig deeper and read the fine print. This step is very important unless you want to end up paying more for the hidden fees and other charges than your fixed monthly rate. If you really want the cheaper deals, make sure to double check on hidden fees such as late payments, service charges and if you go beyond your allocated allowance for calls, texts and data.

Choose your provider wisely

Other than the handset and phone tariff prices, another key factor to consider when looking for a cheaper phone deal is the provider choice. Considering the fact that you may need to get in touch with customer service from time to time, you need to look for a provider that is renowned for their excellent customer service. Otherwise, you'll only end up frustrated with a phone contract you're stuck with for the next 24 months.